Montreal Sound Ark

Special Cassette shows!


Here are four recent shows where we played exclusively music from cassettes recently digitized by Archive Montreal. Many of the cassettes are from the CKUT music library.

Listen to Montreal Sound Ark live online on CKUT or on the radio at 90.3 FM every Friday afternoon from 3 – 5 p.m.

All song lists are Artist – Album – Song.

Friday, May 29, 2015:

2015.05.29 15:00-17:00 -0400

Yvan Daniel, 45, Au parc Belmont
Mongols, demo, She’s My Witch
Sean Murphy, Gone (demo), unknown song
Velcro Soul, demo, Assassin’s Diary
Mongols, demo, Train to Satanville
Rhinolift, demo, Muscle Gun
My Dog Popper, demo, Pushead’s a Wanker
My Dog Popper, demo, Gino (I Lost My Job To A Guy Named)
Deja Voodoo, live 1985 cassette, Too Cool to Live Too Smart to Die
Deja Voodoo, live 1985 cassette, I want to do things with you
No Policy, demo, Pass My Skate
Megalo, demo, Bastard Lease
Hazelles, demo, Power Crave
Panhandler, demo, Never Undead
Entownizer, Cycloptical Vision System, Mortuus
Corpusse, demo, Mind Fuck
Foreshadow, Revolt, Valleyfield
Last Breath, Dimension OD demo, Necrophobia
Slov, demo, Find My Shoes and Run
Les Teratologues, Matraque, Poème Régionaliste
Velcro Soul, demo, Saviour
Bliss, demo, dehumanized
Deja Voodoo, live 1985 cassette, How Can I Miss You (If you don’t go away)

Friday, June 19, 2015:

2015.06.19 15:00-17:00 -0400

Mental Wealth, demo, Montreal Women
The Wanted, Demo From Hell, Too Young To Die
The Wanted, Demo From Hell, Love Will Keep Us Together
Les Krostons, demo Vive les Pétards, M. Hockey
Gilbert Gélinas, demo, J’m’en crisse d’la crise
Wetbags, demo, Goldfish Blues
Wetbags, demo, Knocking on the Outside
Maelstrom, demo, Matt’s In The House
Camel Clutch, demo, Toute la nuit
Les Grenouilles, demo, Boire et Deboire
Les Grenouilles, demo, Les Grenouilles
Les Krostons, demo Vive Les Petards, Vive le Québec libre
The Minstrels, demo, Track 4 (unknown title)
Lunatik Asylum (Camel Clutch), demo, Bah Rock
Maelstrom, Mother Nature
Maelstrom, Marshmallow Stand
MelodyAct, Act One Demo 1993, Lines of Death
Milestone, demo 93, The Lake
Mishima, demo, Lounge Radio
Monsieur Toad, demo, Primate
Oblik Instance, Yield, Mystic Crime
Mescaline Ritual, demo, Money Grubber
Winter, demo, Month of the Dead
Merik Trout Pact, live, Die
Gerard Leckey, Verbal Mathematics, The Dave Song

Friday, July 3, 2015:

2015.07.03 15:00-17:00 -0400

Scott MacLeod (MacLeod 9), A Brief Canadian History, Montreal Jig
Miriodor, Tôt ou tard, Oriflamme
Osiris, Ultimatum, Évolution
Lunatik Asylum, Glop! Glop!, Le gourou de la classe
Oblik Instance, Yield, Mystic Crime
Of Tanz Victims, Metal Vampire, 1000 Over The Atlantic
No-Body, Serious Experiments, I Want To Be A Chemist
Neurodelirium, Delirogenic Morbidity – demo 92, About Massacre
Odds, Diesel You Could Benenena, Negushma
Nada, South Africa The Facts
Mad Roach, Afterwards…, Why
New World Psychos, Dear Judge
Winter, Whack that fish!, I Am
Emma, Try and sell this: Demo, Nature vs Me
Obliveon, demo 1995, Planet Claire
Man Bites Dogma, Bone, What White
Mort Todd, Afterwards…, Brighter Than Blue
Mouth, Mouth
Orbit In Bloom, Through You, Through You
Sean Murphy, Gone, Faraway Café
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic, demo, My Mind Is Quiet

Friday, July 10, 2015:

2015.07.10 15:00-17:00 -0400

Anna Louise Crago, Girlfriend Action Coalition, Mile End Grrl Gang
Lisa Gamble, Girlfriend Action Coalition, Fat Chance
Alexis O’Hara, Girlfriend Action Coalition, You Can Never Be Too Rich
Becky Foon, Girlfriend Action Coalition, Structures — esmerine
Shortwave, demo 1996, Normal Woman
Shortwave, demo 1996, Protestant Ethic
Uptown, demo, Pick Up The Pieces
Mosaic Soul, demo, Feel The Power
White Cube, demo, Mirror World
What Slave, demo, Gift You Gave Me
Nimrod, demo, Gamera
Nein Creed, demo, Drugs
Thirsty Flots, demo, Douce Folie
Thirsty Flots, demo, I’ve always been a flot
Tricky Woo, demo, The Claw
The Vendettas, demo, Holden Caulfield
The Umbrellas, demo, Black Cars
The Unexpected, demo, From Now On
The Unexpected, demo, Polysorbate 80
Ashtray Heart, demo, Ventilator
Ashtray Heart, demo, How Sweet
Spaceshits, demo, I’m Dead
Spaceshits, demo, Oh Yeah
Spaceshits, demo, Spaceshits Please
Platon et les Caves, Flaming Poutine compilation, Génération d’aujourdhui

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  1. Boo Radley
    Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020
    Been looking for that Deja Voodoo song for 35 years. Thanks.