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Charles Burke on MTL Sound Ark, CKUT!


As part of the ongoing partnership between l’Afromusée and ARCMTL, Montreal Sound Ark has been producing shows highlighting music from Afro-Canadian Montreal artists and clubs!

The first of this series aired on May 12, 2023, featuring bands that played in Montreal at the legendary Black Bottom nightclub in the 60s – 70s. Special guest Charles Burke, the now-90 year old former owner of the club, is featured, providing anecdotes and comments from his time owning the Black Bottom.

Charles Burke and Louis Rastelli (ARCMTL)

ARCMTL and l’Afromusée celebrated the 90th birthday of legendary nightclub owner Charles Burke by bringing him back to Montreal for a special visit. Mr. Burke told stories of his time from growing up in the Great Depression through the Golden Age of Jazz and his front-row seat from the 1950s to the 1970s at the Afromusée on May 13, 2023 as part of the Festival d’histoire de Montréal. You can read a transcript of the interview here!

Check out for more information, and to find interviews with other iconic Afro-descendent musicians, dancers, singers, DJs and club owners in Montreal!

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