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A recent documentary film, Montreal New Wave, to which Archive Montreal contributed archival materials, gave us a great excuse to pull out rare and mostly forgotten gems from the New Wave years. Over the course of four special programmes leading up to and during the film’s premiere and current theatric run, Montreal Sound Ark featured thematic shows presented here in music-only podcasts with a photo gallery after the playlists and a special interview with the film’s director, Erik Cimon.

Part one: 2016.02.19 15:00-17:00 -0500
Part two: 2016.04.29 15:00-17:00 -0400
Part three: 2016.03.04 15:00-17:00 -0500
Part four: 2015.01.16 15:00-17:00 -0500

Entrevue, directeur Erik Cimon en conversation avec Louis Rastelli:

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Part One:
Friday February 19, 2016: on the occasion of the festival premiere of the film Montreal New Wave.

Impact Mtl Vol. 1 No. 6, Glace club: soirées New Wave DJ nights, 1980

Impact Mtl Vol. 1 No. 6, Glace club: soirées New Wave DJ nights, 1980

Belgazou, s-t, Talk About It
Soupir, 12”, Métal
Alain de Roque, 12”, Night Life Fashion (German version)
XR 7, 12”, XR 7
Trans-X, 45, Vivre sur Vidéo
Men Without Hats, Folk of the 80s, Antarctica
Ralph Mashats, 45, Irradiés
Iko ’83, 12”, Approach on Tokyo
Cham-pang, 12”, Ne Moussez Pas
Rational Youth, 12”, Saturdays in Silesia (extended)
Kébekelektrik, 45, Journey into Love
Gilles Valiquette, Valiquette, Court Circuit
Main Gauche, 45, Dandy Candy
Pop Stress, 45, So Good To Be In Love
Michel Lemieux, 45 – Oeil Rechargable, I Want To Be
Monty Cantsin, Neoist Songs, Catastronics
Térapi, Primale, Lève Toi
American Devices, From Montreal EP, Hitler Was A Jew

Part Two:
Friday April 29, 2016

Marc Drouin et les Échalottes, s-t, Mr. Montréal
Tracy Howe, Kevin Komoda, Affection March 1982, Green Trenchcoat
Action Men on Assignment, Affection March 1982, Calamine Lotion
Lamp Brothers, Affection March 1982, Special Issue
Bill Vorn, Affection March 1982, L’Arcade
Action Men on Assignment, Things Fall Apart
American Devices, Affection March 1982, Coal Shaft
Monty Cantsin, Festival D’in(ter)vention 2, Baby oh Baby
Red Shift Subunit, Voices End Abruptly, Face of the Country
Disappointed A Few People, 45, We Shall Die Again
Concept Variable, Ultimatum, The Story of Billy Maricoti
Les Boys du Sevère, Ultimatum, Jesus
Suzy Cue, Panic Panic, Like Album
Kaméléon, s-t, Microcosme
Nu Dimension, 12”, Amour Programme
Condition, From Montreal EP, It’s Too hot To Sleep
Deja Voodoo, Affection March 1982, Duh Papa Duh
Cham-Pang, 12”, Ne Mourrez Pas (Dub)
Terminal Sunglasses, Wraparound Cool, Psycho Rail
Légitime Défense, s-t, No Future
The Triffids (One Of You), 45, Brainbroom
E.J. Brulé, Alternative Scat Singer EP, I Love Laurie
Cashba, 45, Here He Comes Again

Gilles Valiquette, Impact Mtl Vol. 1 No. 6 1980

Gilles Valiquette, Impact Mtl Vol. 1 No. 6 1980

Part Three:
Friday March 4, 2016

Danger, s-t, L’amour dans le metro
Montréal Transport Limité, s-t, Court Circuit
Charlie Mike Sierra, On The Moon, Battle of the Stars
Kaméléon, s-t, Chanson en On (pour Kaméléon)
Francoeur, Le Retour de Johnny Frisson, Les élucrubations de Johnny
Black Citron, L’album blanc II, Black Citron
Childrens’ Creations, Young Dreams, Life is a Blast / Suicide Party
Rubby, L’album blanc II, Manu Militari
Trafic d’influence, Lypsync, Le Garage / La Drogue Probablement
Benjamin Russell, s-t, Rock It
Bill, Quand Viens La Nuit, Sauter
Stanley Frank, Rejected EP, You’re Doing Alright
Louise Portal, Portal, Mystery of Love
Carnivore, 45, Du Bon Poulet
Wondeur Brass, Ravir, It’s Insane
Complices D.E.W. It, Conception S.M.
Janitors Animated, EP, Insynergy

Part Four:
Friday January 16, 2015
This mix surges ahead a few years in the final songs yet shows how some of the off-kilter folk stylings of New Wave music persisted .

Virus Montréal Vol. 3 No. 5

Virus Montréal Vol. 3 No. 5

Black Citron, L’album blanc II, Femmes
Pop Stress, 45, Neurotic
Pas Easy, L’album Blanc II, Quand J’assimile
Pale Blue, 45, Ruin
Demars, Les Télé-Têtes, Les Cosmétiques Cosmiques
Légitime Défense, s-t, Hôtel Terminal
Demars, Les Télé-Têtes, Le Fou Sur L’Ile
Iko, 83, Communication Off
Iko, 83, Jungle City
Wondeur Brass, s-t, Comptine pour Mademoiselle
Outa Synk, Listen 2, False Prophet
Wondeur Brass, s-t, Gina et les Majorettes / It’s Insane
Secret Act, Listen, Northern Spy
39 Steps, Slip Into The Crowd, The Last Time
Big Things, Listen, My Head Is A Dance Floor
Groovy Religion, Thin Gypsy Thief, Beautiful
Three Lines, Listen, Religion
Suns Of Silence, Some Suns, Let Me Have Another One
Ant Farm, Grunt, No Reason
Ant Farm, Grunt, Collide

Distroboto 16 years of music  
 Early Montreal RnB, Soul and Funk

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  1. Alexander Wheill
    Tuesday, October 10th, 2017
    Thank you so uch for these podcasts / trips down the memory lane! I simply can not offer thanks enough for putting back on the map these long lost tunes of days before the digital age. This is priceless and incredibly appreciated. Many thanks to all involved!