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For the January 30 / February 7, 2014 edition of Montreal Sound Ark, Archive Montreal celebrated the 13th anniversary of its Distroboto vending machine project by playing Montreal music drawn exclusively from releases sold in Distroboto machines!

Developed by a team of local artists of various disciplines in 2000 and launched in January 2001 at Casa Del Popolo in Montreal, the Distroboto art and culture vending machines were a huge hit right from the beginning. However, in the project’s first months, the only music sold in it were cassettes (specifically, mixtapes of copyright-expired music from the early 1900s- gospel, ragtime, country blues and the like.)
At some point in the summer of 2001 a musician actually sold a few copies of a 3.5 inch floppy disk containing one music file, but by the end of that year the project began encouraging bands to burn 3 inch mini CDs to sell in the machines. Many took up the offer, and now, 13 years later, the Distroboto archives contain more than three hundred different releases of all sorts of music on mini-CD and cassette!

Most releases have come from Montreal bands and musicians, although there’ve been several from bands from elsewhere who discovered the Distroboto machines during their concerts in Montreal.

Here are the shows, listing Artist – Album and-or Title

Distroboto Music part 1, January 31, 2014
2014.01.31 15:00-17:00 -0500

Esther B., Youppi
Jordi Rosen, 4 Songs For You, The City Hums
Les Abdigradationnistes, Mini CD 1, Paté Chinois
Grimes, Making It Montreal ( compilation ), World Princess
Gelée, Tâchée, Sucrée
Gentle Bakemono, Wordstar
Cacao People, Uncle Fun
Coco Beurre, Ciba Ciba
Noot, sans titre
Quebec Connection, Musique Nordique Vol. 1 ( compilation ), People Moving People
Unireverse, Buck Wizardin’, Lil Miss Wizard
Sixtoo, He Did Glass Music
Anachronic XP, Nervomoteur, L’Altercation
Field Register, Ships At Night Sampler, Ceramic
Sunset Rubdown, We Got Broken Eyes
American Devices, Bunco Unction
Dead Messenger, Stop When You Drop
Dante’s Flaming Uterus, Don’t You Wanna Eat My Brain
Desert Owls, Go Go Go
Red Mass, You’ve Heard These Chords Before
Milky Ways, Wanna Be With You
Funeral Kids, Sacrifice Choir
Modern Man, CJSW
Kiss Me Deadly, Alien 8-Track Sampler, Dance
Kathy Kennedy, Hum

Distroboto Music part 2, February 7, 2014
2014.02.07 15:00-17:00 -0500

Goa, Monstre, St-Louis de Terrebonne
Léopard et Moi, III, Pierre Noire
Women With Kitchen Appliances, Deep Fried WWKA, WWKA Remix
GMACKRR, Ladies Club Vol. 2 ( compilation ), Jour De Pluie
Martine H. Crispo, Ladies Club Vol. 1 ( compilation ), Mathilde 312
Chantal Dumas, Ladies Club Vol. 2 ( compilation ), Feed The Beast
Les Chantillons, Apologize
Cyan, Ladies Club Vol. 2 ( compilation ), Fosse
Alexis & Her Exes, Music For Breakups, You Will Be Loved Again
1-speed bike, Once Wuz 1-speed bike, Marketing Promotion Music Machine
1-speed bike, Once Wuz 1-speed bike, I’ll Meet You In The Caves Of Thulsa Doom Baby
No Cars Go, Swollen Hand
Jordi Rosen, 4 Songs For You, Lost & Found
Paper Heroes, Querin Records ( compilation ), Sunset Bedtime Talk
Lipsky-Dimsky, Singapore Sling
Shane Watt / Krista Muir, Lucille, It’s A Drag
Julien Fargo, An Odour of Alcohol
King Khan & the Shrines, I Wanna Be A Girl
Devil Eyes, Rollin & Tumblin
American Devices, On Vinyl ( mini CD ), Meaning Of Life
Crowface, Demos, Love Like A Slayer
Infinite Moksha, Untitled
Tony Ezzy, You Really Must Believe, You Really Must Believe
Tony Ezzy, You Really Must Believe, Crisis on Infinity Earths

Here are images of some of the mini CDs that were produced to sell through Distroboto machines since 2002:

Nuits psychédéliques  
 Nimoy Sound Ark

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