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Nuits psychédéliques


On the occasion of the festival Les Nuits psychédéliques in Québec City, where regular Montreal Sound Ark DJ Louis Rastelli (LRX80) is participating, here’s a recent edition of the show with a psychedelic flavour.

Click here for more information about the festival. Of particular interest to fans of Montreal zines : La presse underground au Québec. Les cas de Sexus et Logos, presented by our colleagues at Ghetto Mohawk.

2015.03.06 15:00-17:00 -0500

6 mars 2015
artiste – album – titre

Chris Rawlings, Soupe Du Jour, La Chanson du Vieux Montréal
Chris Rawlings, Pearl River Turnaround, Lady Nancy
Jesse Winchester, Third Down, 110 To Go, Do La Lay
Chris Rawlings, Pearl River Turnaround, Iris of Flowers
Mill Supply, s-t, Ezmerelda
Roger Rodier, Upon Velveator, Am I Supposed To Let It By Again
Mill Supply, s-t, Henry Was A Loser
Roger Rodier, Upon Velveator, While My Castles Burning
Ronney Abramson, s-t, Ride The Waves
The Mighty Mohawks, s-t, Indian Song
Los Clover Boys, s-t, Bonita Seniorita
Les Van Dykes (André Perry), compilation, Danse Avec Moi
Los Clover Boys, s-t, El Relojito
Les Arvaks, compilation, Donne Moi
Les Cruisers, s-t, Cruising Drive
Johnny Watters, Best Of Vol. 1, Everybody’s Gonna Shimmy Tonight
Jenny Rock, 45, Le Train de Memphis
Karo, 45, Dans Le Ventre d’Une Énorme Baleine
Les Cousineaus, 45, Just Aside Of The Border
Les Hou-Lops, 45, Je Te Laisse Tomber
Life, 45, Sweet Lovin’
Les Asteks, 45, Cheveux Blonds et Pantalons
Les Différents, s-t, Aimes Prudemment
The Haunted, I’m Just Going to Blow My Little Mynd To Bits
The Rabble, s-t, Rising Of The Sun
Les Manchilds, 45, T’a Pas Raison
Birds of Paradise, 45, The Little Death
BBQ, 45, Hang It Up
King Khan & BBQ Show, 45, Animal Party
Sunday Sinners, 45, You Child
Chocoloat, 45, Charlotte
Demolition, 45, Beam Me Up

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