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Howard “Stretch” Carr and Butcher T on MTL Sound Ark, CKUT!


Long-time CKUT DJs Howard “Stretch” Carr and Butcher T. were featured on the January 12, 2024 Montreal Sound Ark show, and were celebrated and interviewed at the Afromusée on November 15, 2023 as part of a monthly series of presentations. The transcript of the discussion can be found here! 

Tracklist for the January 12, 2024 show:

Artist, Album, Track

Howard Stretch Carr – Butcher T, Entrevue

Shades of Culture, A Little Bit About Us, Who’s That

Shades of Culture, A Little Bit About Us, Trapped in a maze

Offsides, Foul Language, Keep Moving

Offsides, Foul Language, KPL

Les_Instigateurs, ST, Pas L’droit De T’aimer

Monk.E, Entre Mektoub Et Autodestruction, Mektoub

Izzo, Libere Sur Paroles, Pour Tout Les Hoods

Karma Atchykah, Diasporama, Deep

Karma Atchykah, Diasporama, Célébrez!

Malicious, Music starts with M, Heavy Mtl

Malicious, Music starts with M, Walk Alone

Shades of Culture, Mindstate, Think Twice

Atach Tatuq, Deluxxx, Australie

Atach Tatuq, Deluxxx, Du Monde Comme Nous

Dirty Taz, L’idiot Du Village, Back Dans L’game

Webster, Le Vieux D’La Montagne, Everyday

Webster, Le Vieux D’La Montagne, QC History X Remix


Howard “Stretch” Carr has been a pillar of the Caribbean community in Montreal for over four decades. He will be joined by special guest DJ Butcher T. to talk about their experiences in the 70s and 80s, leading up to legendary radio shows, Stretch’s West Indian Rhythms and Butcher T.’s Noontime Cuts.

When CKUT it hit the FM airwaves some 35 years ago, it quickly became an important voice for Montreal’s diverse Black communities. This was thanks to numerous radio shows that promoted concerts, festivals and events important to the community. Some of these shows have been on the air ever since!

Rito Joseph, Howard “Stretch” Carr, Butcher T. & Louis Rastelli

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 Charles Burke on MTL Sound Ark, CKUT!

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