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Expozine 2023 Zine – Archives conference


Expozine 2023 hosts its first small conference on Montreal’s zine archives and libraries from Nov. 28 – 30, free admission.

Challenges in archiving and describing zine collections

Nov. 28, 15:00 – 17:00, FARR, Fine Arts Reading Room, Concordia University EV-2.785, 1515 Sainte-Catherine O. (2nd floor).

There are many challenges involved in archiving and describing collections of zines, as opposed to more traditional publications. Artists in particular can be very creative in both the form and the contents of their zines and artists’ books. They can be highly personal and individual works which may not easily fit traditional library or archival models.

This open discussion features personnel from three organizations that manage zine collections: FARR (Fine Arts Reading Room), Artexte and ARCMTL, and will also include the prolific artist and zine-maker Jenny Lin.

With Kate Lewis, Jonathan Lachance (Artexte); Ranime (FARR); Jenny Lin (B&D Press); Louis Rastelli (Expozine – ARCMTL).

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Montreal’s Radical Zine Archives and Libraries

Nov. 29, 13h – 14h30, Guided Visit, DIRA library, 2035 Saint-Laurent;

15h – 17h, Open discussion w DIRA and QPIRG McGill, Co-op BMP, 3714 Avenue du Parc.

Many radical zine archives and libraries have similar issues, but are only communicating through informal channels. We’re all dealing with low capacity, institutional memory loss of different kinds, technological security, financial pressures, accessibility issues, and the nitty-gritty day-to-day of keeping a radical archive/library alive!

What are our strengths and our weaknesses, as organizations and collectively? As spaces and capital become harder to come by, what are the threats we face? What opportunities could we seize by working together?

The discussion will involve people at various zine archives and libraries, including members of DIRA and QPIRG McGill.


Expozine Archives – ARCMTL open house

Nov. 30, 15:00 – 17:00 @ ARCMTL, 6600 St-Urbain local 306 + Instagram Live presentation @arcmtl, 16:00 – 16:30

A presentation of rare and important zines from the official Expozine zine collections at the ARCMTL archive centre. Since the very first edition of Expozine in 2002, ARCMTL has built a collection that reflects the wide diversity of independent voices and artists that take part in the fair.


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