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Postcards from Montreal mid 20th century


ARCMTL is well-known for its collections of so-called “ephemeral” material, ie, publications, leaflets, posters or other material with a short useful life. The following selection of postcards from Montreal were produced around the middle of the 20th century, up to the 1970s. The captions for each are the same as those that were printed on the back of the postcards. Note that there are no credits for photography or artists listed on these postcards.

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Maison de retraites, Soeurs Grises de Montreal

National Museum of Science and Technology

Montreal at night from atop Mount Royal

View of business district from Mont Royal

Aerial view of the St. Lambert Lock, at the start of the St. Lawrence Seaway

Maison mère des soeurs de charité de la providence

Sanctuaire du Sacre-Coeur

Ed’s warehouse, Toronto’s Unique Theatre Restaurant

Métropole du canada, Pont Champlain

Le Chalet du Lac des Castors sur le Mont-Royal

Montreal International Airport

Aerial view of the city with the Jacques Cartier Bridge in the foreground.

Downtown business district showing skyscrapers

Montreal at night, as seen from Mount Royal

St. Catherine St. At Night

Le Port de Montreal

Université de Montréal

View of Montreal as seen from Mount Royal

Night view of downtown Montreal as seen from the observation floor of the Imperial Bank of Commerce

Place des Arts, Théâtre Maisonneuve et Salle Wilfrid Pelletier

Expo ’67 A view of Tokyo

Grand Motor Hotel

View of downtown as seen from the observation floor of the Imperial Bank of Commerce

Night view of Montreal

Montreal’s Main Cross-roads

Night view of the city skyline and Montreal Harbour taken from St. helen’s Island

Mirabel Airport and the control tower

Montreal as seen from Place du Canada

View of harbour as seen from St. Helen’s Island

Montreal’s business section and Place Ville Marie

University of Montreal

Panorama de Montreal vu de l’Observatoire du Mont Royal

Montreal’s business section. Place Ville-Marie and the Canadian Imperial Bank

La plus grande pharmacie de détail au monde.

42-storey cruciform building

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