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Des cassettes en vedette!


Montreal Sound Ark a produit quatre émissions spéciaux récemment mettant en vedette des cassettes numérisées des collections d’ARCMTL. La plupart sont des cassettes démos ou des éditions limitées, donc une grande partie n’ont jamais été diffusée. Consultez les liens ci-dessous !

Cassettes 17 mars 2023 :

Artiste, Album, Titre

Tracy Howe & Kevin Komoda, Affection, Green trenchcoat

Tiger wang, The last teen anthem , Talking employee of the month

Quite Ridiculous Nonsense, CKUT just listen comp, Damaged

Quite Ridiculous Nonsense, CKUT just listen comp, Head Saturation

Godspeed you black emperor!, all lights fucked on the hairy amp drooling , When all the furnaces exploded

Godspeed you black emperor!, all lights fucked on the hairy amp drooling , Beep

Godspeed you black emperor!, all lights fucked on the hairy amp drooling , Hush

The whispers in darkness, Through the Gate, Sacrifice Industriel

The whispers in darkness, Through the Gate, Chronic decision

Venus in furs, Demo, Lower circle

Wining Dining & Drilling, Demo , Let it fall

Wining Dining & Drilling, , Long lights

Rhythm activism, CKUT just listen comp, Martha

Bab, Masquerade and march of the dolls, A the pill

Exhaust, demo, Bubbles will harm nick

Exhaust, demo, Free shuttle from biftek

Freaky D, CKUT just listen comp, How’d so freaky

Scum, Last testament, Lest I forget

Fokesty, demo, Holdup A

General fools, demo, Drinking up my mind

General fools, demo, Suspicious thoughts

Thirsty flots, demo, Douce folie

Thirsty flots, demo, Grass

Thirsty flots, demo, Stolfazim depressed

Carlyle williams, Essential, Have we forgotten

Birth defects, demo, Obsessed

Slaphappy Five, CKUT just listen comp, Squeal ned squeal


Cassettes 31 mars 2023 :

Artiste, Album, Titre

Bliss , 1994, the rake’s progress parts 4-7

Gros Marteau , demo , Kill

Megalo , demo , Frite sauce

Kill City Butchers , demo , Well-Fed White Boy

Hazy azure , Adrian teabag and his magic book , Surprise

Thirsty flots , demo , Hippopotamus

Grime , Chemistry of buzz , Out Of Mind

Ashtray heart , demo , How Sweet

Planete X , Ondes de Choc V. 12 , Espionage

Galaxy of terror , demo , Cardboard heart

Five star loader , demo , Wishing Well

Percapita  , demo , My Poison

Maury Povich 3 , Cut the Crap , Unknown

Les krostons , demo , M. Hockey

Creton pervers , demo , Marguerite

Gueules de rats , demo , Mr trompe la mort

The Unknownes , Ca aurait pu etre pire , Kitsch en squatt vol2

Crisis of faith , demo , Color blind

Automatiks  , Cut the Crap , Unknown

Crisis of faith death , demo , Death of a Landlord

Lambs , demo , Fifth Wheel

Cremains  , demo , Demonology

Shock troops , Cut the Crap , Unknown

Damnation , demo , Ars bloodshed

Deathamin , Mad Rush , Mad Rush

Death valley choir , Death valley choir, Evil One

Cassettes 7 juillet 2023:

Artist, Album, Track, , Album

Pelthead , Bloodfarm , Bloodfarm

Of Tanz Victims , 110 Years Live , The Empire

Nimrod , Demo, Galera

Roughage , Demo, Mystery Dick

Odds , Demo, Negushima

Per Capita , Demo, Open and Alive

Black Poutine , Demo, Sediments songent toxique

New World Psychos , Demo, Sidewalk

Placebo , Demo, Les Outils

Nirvicht , Demo, Charge London

Nirvicht , Demo, Con Trash

Pop David , Subterfuge , Basshead

Pop David , Subterfuge , This shit don’t work anymore

Rain Theatre , the machine stops , The machine stops

Playground Candymen , Demo, Haunted

Band of Bob , Demo, Little Vamp

Blinimals , Demo, I Can remember

Portable Ethnic Taxi , Demo, Bar Nothing Ranch

One Free Fall , Demo, I Get High


Cassettes 4 août 2023 :

Artist, Album, Titre

Cathodic Brainwash , Cathodic Brainwash , MK Ultra

Corpusse , Twofold Smack , Twofold Smack

Oblik Instance , Demo, Stay Away

Oblik Instance , Demo, Mystic Crime

Art Effects , Demo, Voodoo Chile

Skull Fracture , Demo, Bitch Of Disobedience

reactor , Demo, Transalvation 92

Deja Voodoo , Demo, Monsters in my garage

Deja Voodoo , Demo, Big Scary Daddy

Deja Voodoo , Demo, Too Cool to Live Too Smart to Die

Deja Voodoo , Demo, Take Out the Trash

No Policy , Demo, Onwards Christian soldiers

No Policy , Demo, Pass the Skate

Chris Houston , Freak wipe out , Hot Pants Mood Pants

Pop David , subterfuge , Smoke And Mirrors

Kali and Dub Inc. , Demo, Human Rights Dub

Tricky Woo , Demo, Whos Got Bombs

Man Bites Dogma , Demo, wish

General Fools , Pas beau pas bon pas cher , Il était une fois dans l’ouest

Overload  , In The Dark , Roller Thrash

Genetic Error , Demo, 1987

Panhandler  , Demo, Die In Your Sleep

Anthagonist , Perpetual Beginning , Sacred Suffering

cremains , Back From The Graves , Nuclear Carnage

dbc , Demo, Terrorist Mind

dbc , Demo, Vice

Groovy Aardvark , Demo, Summertime Again

Obliveon  , Demo, Cybervoid

grime , Chemistry of buzz , Poser Blues

Les Krostons , Demo, Ca va v’nir

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