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Printed Art Exhibit Concordia Undergrads Grande 2022


As part of the Montreal Printed Arts Festival and its Grande Printed Art fair, held in May 2022, an exhibit of prints by Concordia undergraduates was presented in the windows of the WIP (Work in Progress) space at 3487 Saint-Laurent from May 19-26.

It was in this space that the Grande Printed Art Fair was held on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

We’re presenting one print from each participating artist in the following image gallery.The names and contact information for the artists follows — you can contact them to find out if they still have copies of their prints available for sale.

Felix Mux Wahl, @felixmuxwahl

Alexandra Riesemberg-Britez, @riesbri

Issy Tessier, @isabella.tessier

Spencer Magnan, @spencers_art

Stephanie Bourgault,

Leplesh, @lepleshmtl

Amandine Vassaux

Annabelle Bessette-Frappier

Agathe Leroy,

Maddi Berger, @maddibeearts

Beatrice McAviney, @beamachine

Levana Katz, @levana.katz

Octavio Rüest-Santes, @octavioruest

Mélanie Reid, @melaniechat.reid

Megan Pressey

Emilie Depelteau, @emiliedep

Grande Printed Art Fair 2022  
 Volume 2 MTL Art and the Book 2019

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