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Poster archives: Jailhouse Rock Café


A sample poster collection featured in a recent blog post about Archive Montreal’s poster archives included a fair number promoting concerts at the Jailhouse Rock Café. This bar was known in its previous incarnation as the Bar du Plateau, becoming the Jailhouse Rock around 1994 and hosting more than two thousand concerts before it closed in 2002.

Longtime booker and co-owner of the Jailhouse, Domenic Castelli, has been compiling posters and flyers related to this venue for a book project. Anyone who may have posters or flyers to contribute to the project can contact Archive Montreal at or find out more about it on Facebook.

Here are some of the Jailhouse Rock Café posters recently digitized at Archive Montreal.

GRANDE Printed art fair 2016  
 Montreal Shows 1965 – 1975: Art Pop 2015, Exhibit Gallery

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