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The 3rd edition of the GRANDE Print Art Fair of the Montreal Printed Arts Festival was a huge success! For the first time, the fair was held over two days. On Saturday, April 13, we were lucky to open the fair on the first beautiful day of spring – with visitors waiting in line before the event even began!

The GRANDE Fair was held in the heart of St-Laurent Boulevard at WIP (Work In Progress), which was also the headquarters of the festival. Many curious visitors happened upon this new WIP venue by chance while strolling down the Main, with many of those leaving with art prints in hand!

You can see a beautiful gallery of pictures here of the GRANDE Print Art Fair taken by our friends at Baronmag.

Here is a selection of photos of the event. Credit: Jean-Michael Seminaro and ARCMTL.

Montreal Printed Arts Festival 2019  
 Grande 2019 art

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