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Expo 67: Avant-garde!


50 years ago, Montreal hosted the largest gathering of avant-garde art and design ever seen! Expo 67 was the 20th century’s most successful World’s Fair, taking place during a time of both social and artistic upheaval around the world.

Arcmtl was proud to present an exhibit in May at the Cinémathèque québecoise as well as a evening of amateur and home movies featuring some of the wildest, most out-there art and installations seen at Expo 67. In June 2017, a second exhibit of printed and poster art from Expo 67 and from Montreal’s late 60s art scene in general was presented at Casa del Popolo, launched with a tribute concert to the infamous avant-garde music collective L’Infonie.

ARCMTL would like to thank the following for their contribution of material for the projections and exhibit: Micheline Dumas (for Maurice Demers), Richard Lacroix, Sael Lacroix, Robert Langevin, Richard La Roche, Gaetan Dostie, Conrad Jean, Éric Ruel, Brian Meagher, Billy Mavreas/Monastiraki, Désirée Rochat, Annie Hardy, Louis Pelletier, Caroline Martel, the Centre d’histoire de Montréal and the Cinémathèque québecoise.

The exhibits were made possible in part thanks to the support of the program Soutien à la diffusion du patrimoine montréalais de la Ville de Montréal. A detailed virtual exhibit of the artwork featured here will be presented on this website in the fall of 2017.

Kermesse littéraire du Plateau  
 GRANDE Print Art Fair 2017

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