GRANDE Print Art Fair 2017 Montreal.

The GRANDE Print Art Fair gathers more than 60 artists and organizations selling posters and printed art, meet and mingle with the public and showcase the incredible vitality of this artistic community in Montreal. Silkscreen prints, letterpress, engravings, every form and every new trend in printed art will be on display! It’s your only chance each year to discover the incredible talent that Montreal’s printed art scene possesses. Taking place at 6275 avenue Durocher (corner Van Horne), Sunday May 28, 10 am – 6 pm (free admission), the GRANDE complements the exhibits and activities taking place events taking place during the 2017 Chromatic Festival.
An Expozine/ ARCMTL presentation in conjunction with Chromatic.

Exhibitors will receive a 6 ‘x 2.5’ table with wall space for $ 100 (all inclusive); payable by cheque (to the order of ARCMTL) at the event. Tables, chairs and walls will be provided and the tape used to display the works on the walls.

To submit your application, please fill out the registration form below by midnight, May 24, 2017.

PLEASE NOTE that GRANDE is a printed art fair; vendors may sell silkscreened, letterpress, risograph, engravings and other handmade prints as well as artists’ books or art zines. It is not the place to sell crafts, original paintings, t-shirts or other material unless these are secondary to your prints and zines. Please include a hyperlink or short text describing what you intend to sell at GRANDE, in the space provided on the form.

Once your application is approved, details about setup times and all necessary information will be provided by email to exhibitors.

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